High Throughput System for Biologics Discovery, Development, QC, and Manufacturing

The Octet® R8 label-free protein analysis system provides fast, high throughput, and accurate characterization of biomolecules and is compatible with longer experimental run times and seamless integration into GxP-compliant labs during biologics development.
The 8-channel Octet® R8 system performs quantitation and kinetic analysis of up to 96 samples in 30 minutes to 2.5 hours, depending on the specific assay. An optional microplate evaporation cover minimizes losses in sample volume, allowing post-analysis sample recovery even after an experiment.

The Octet® R8 system can be used for a wide range of analyses including kinetic analysis, titer of IgG and other proteins, reagent qualification, immunoassay development, bioprocess development, quality analysis, crude antibody screening, epitope binning/mapping, ligand binding assays, small molecule analysis, elucidating cell signaling mechanisms, and infectious disease monitoring. Analysis can be done using a single channel or up to eight channels, enabling flexibility in sample throughput.

Unmatched Flexibility and Versatility - Eight parallel, independent channels provide maximum speed, sensitivity, and flexibility

Unattended Run Time – An optional evaporation cover facilitates up to 12 hours of unattended run time, while minimizing losses in sample volume and allowing post-analysis sample recovery even after an experiment

Upgrade to GxP - The Octet® R8 GxP package is available with 21 CFR Part 11 software and IQOQPQ kits, protocols, and services for regulatory compliance. Choose when to upgrade a non-GxP system to a GxP system for regulatory compliance.

The Benefits of the Octet® R8 Protein Analysis System


High-Quality Kinetic Screening and Affinity Characterization
The Octet® R8 system monitors binding events in real time to calculate on rates (ka), off rates (kd), and affinity constants (KD).

Versatility to Detect a Wide Range of Molecules
The high sensitivity Octet® R8 system detects a diverse range of biomolecules from small molecules to proteins to cells.

Eight Parallel, Independent Channels for Maximum Speed and Flexibility
The Octet® R8 system’s eight channels can be used independently to measure samples for screening purposes or in tandem, pairing the sample read with a dedicated reference for high-quality kinetic characterization.

Perfectly Suited to Operate in GxP-Regulated Environments
Optional 21 CFR Part 11 software for Octet® R8 system available along with installation and qualification (IQOQ) and performance qualification (PQ) kits.

Sample Plate Cooling for Temperature-Sensitive Proteins
The sample plate temperature can be controlled from 15–40°C, enabling reliable kinetic determinations at different temperatures for temperature-sensitive proteins. Additional advantages of sample cooling include the ability to rapidly determine binding rate constants at multiple temperatures to extrapolate thermodynamic measurements. The Octet® R8 system’s eight channels can be used independently to measure samples for screening purposes or in tandem, pairing the sample read with a dedicated reference for high-quality kinetic characterization.

Fluidics-Free Dip and Read Format Reduces Assay Time and Maintenance Cost
The Octet® platform provides faster time to results and process economy when compared to other technologies due to its fluidics-free design. Additionally, crude sample compatibility saves valuable time by eliminating the need for sample pre-treatment, and non-destructive testing conserves precious samples for other assays.


Kinetic and Affinity Characterization
The superior sensitivity of the Octet® R8 system enables measurement of both small and large molecules and kinetic constants over a broad range. The system accurately measure kinetic constants by bringing the detection surface directly to the sample, eliminating the need for microfluidics. With ready to use biosensors for most proteins, the unique Dip and Read approach streamlines workflows and expedites assay development. It allows for direct measurement of crude samples with minimal instrument maintenance.


Protein Quantitation in Bioprocessing
Accurate and reproducible concentrations can be determined in as little as 2 minutes per sample or 32 minutes for a whole 96-well plate using a simple, one-step assay. High sensitivity in quantitation can be easily achieved by increasing read time and shake speed, and even higher sensitivity can be achieved to sub-ng/mL levels with 2-step or 3-step assay formats, allowing automated measurement of contaminants such as host cell proteins and residual protein A, faster and more precisely than ELISA. Process economics can be improved further by regenerating and reusing the biosensors.


Quality Control (QC) and Manufacturing
The Octet® R8 system has been developed to operate reliably in regulated quality control (QC) environments. The Octet® is aptly used in method development and validation for lot release and in-process testing for ligand binding, concentration, and impurity analysis in both upstream and downstream processes. The ease of use and simplicity in design together with 21 CFR Part 11 software and a full line of GxP products and services makes the Octet® R8 system an ideal analytical instrument for compliant labs.


배송/결제/교환/반품 안내

배송 정보

기본 배송비
  • - 3,850원 (배송비 3,500원 + 부가세 350원)
  • - 10만원 이상 구매시 배송비 무료
  • - 도서산간 및 제주를 포함한 일부 지역 추가비용 발생
  • - 장비의 경우 추가 배송비 및 설치비가 청구 될 수 있습니다
교환/반품 배송비
  • - 상품 별로 상이
착불 배송비
  • - 착불 적용 상품에 개별 부과 (상품 별로 상이)
교환/반품 배송비
  • - 상품 별로 상이

결제 및 환불 안내

결제 방법
  • - 신용카드
  • - 연구비카드 결제 (결제링크 문자+이메일 전송)
  • - 무통장 입금 (기업은행 033-502993-01-019)
  • - 무통장 입금 (신한은행 100-032-703829)
  • - 취소 접수 후 3 ~ 5일 이내 환불 처리
  • - 반품 접수 후 3 ~ 5일 이내 환불 처리
  • - 회사는 회원이 구매신청한 상품 등이 품절 등의 사유로 인도 또는 제공할 수 없을 때에는 지체 없이 그 사유를 회원에게 통지하고,
      사전에 상품 등의 대금을 받은 경우에는 대금을 받은 날로부터 3영업일 이내에 환급하거나 환급에 필요한 조치를 취합니다.

교환 및 반품 접수

교환 및 반품 접수 기한
  • - 상품 수령일로부터 7일 이내
교환 및 반품 접수가 가능한 경우
  • - 제품의 하자는 없지만, 다른 상품으로 교환하거나 반품 원하는 경우
     (배송비 고객 부담)
  • - 상품자체 불량 및 하자에 의한 경우
  • - 상품 오배송에 의한 경우
교환 및 반품 접수가 불가능한 경우
  • - 상품 수령 후 7일을 초과한 경우
  • - 개별 포장 상품의 포장을 훼손한 경우
  • - 고객의 고의적인 귀책으로 상품가치가 훼손된 경우
  • - 주문제작을 통해서 제품을 생산하는 경우
  • - 주문 당시 재고가 없어서 해외를 통해 제품을 수입해서 구매하는 경우

교환 및 반품 신청

교환 절차
  • - 상품 불량/오배송/상품파손
  • - 전화(02-585-1342) 또는 info@cacheby.com에 상품교환 접수
반품 절차
  • - 반품할 품목을 확인 후 info@cacheby.com로 반품 신청 (수령 후 7일 이내 가능하며 이후 불가)
  • - 전달드린 주문번호와 함께 반품 상품을 포장
     (포장을 꼼꼼하게 해주셔야 반품 상품 손상에 따른 불이익이 없습니다.)
  • - 택배회사 방문 시 반품 상품 전달
     (택배사의 반송장은 상품 교환이 완료될 때까지 보관해주시기 바랍니다.)
  • - 회수된 제품 확인 후 하자없을시 배송비를 제외하고 환불 처리 진행
     (환불 처리 후 입금까지 최대 2주까지 소요될 수 있습니다.)

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