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GreenHouse Plus Parallel Synthesiser

The GreenHouse Plus provides 24 heated and stirred glass reactions with volumes from 0.5 ml to 7 ml. The combined reflux and additions head allows for convenient additions or withdrawals whilst maintaining an inert atmosphere.

GreenHouse Plus brings all the benefits in productivity of parallel synthesis at a fraction of the cost of automated systems. Holding 24 glass reaction tubes in a removable reaction block with the same footprint as a standard micro titer plate (MTP), the GreenHouse Plus facilitates rapid transfer of samples by multi-channel pipettor or robotic systems.

GreenHouse Parallel Plus

  • Powerful stirring and rapid heating to 150 ˚C
  • 24 tube, micro titer plate footprint
  • Reaction volumes from 0.5 ml to 7 ml
  • Removable water cooled reflux head
  • Perform reactions under an inert atmosphere
  • Easy viewing of tube contents during experiments
  • Nickel plated aluminium offers excellent chemical resistance
  • Heated directly by the stirring hotplate with optional digital control and Pt1000 temperature sensor.

  • Water-cooled aluminium reflux head with nickel condensing fingers provides efficient refluxing within individual glass reaction tubes.

  • Combined reflux and additions head allowing for convenient additions or withdrawals whilst refluxing.

  • Provides 24 heated and stirred glass reaction positions with a reaction volume of 0.5 to 7 ml.

  • ‘V-Mag’ technology uses a vertically positioned stirring bar to maximise the uniformity of the stirring within each reaction tube.

  • Fits on any Carousel Stirring Hotplate

  • Carousel Stirring Hotplate offers higher temperature, more powerful stirring and digital control

  • Utilises single rotating magnetic field of the hotplate stirrer to stir all 24 positions

  • Round aluminium base transmits heat evenly to all positions. Compact size has small bench-top footprint and is easy to store.

  • No electrical or moving parts ensures maintenance-free operation. Easy to operate and set up.

  • Cylindrical glass gas enclosure provides visibility of all 24 reaction tubes with no need to lean into the fume hood

The range

GreenHouse Plus Parallel Synthesiser

RR99610 GreenHouse Plus Parallel Synthesiser
Includes: Head, Base, Glass cylinder and two reaction blocks

GreenHouse Plus Systems

Everything you need in convenient easy to order systems

System 27 - GreenHouse Plus Parallel Synthesiser

RR99619 System 27 – GreenHouse Plus Parallel Synthesiser

_Comprising of:
_RR99610 – GreenHouse Plus Parallel Synthesiser
RR91206 – Carousel Tech Stirring Hotplate + Pt1000 230v UK Plug
RR99612 – GreenHouse Plus Reaction Tubes
RR99613 – Pivot Ring Stirring Bar 15mm
RR99618 – GreenHouse Plus Septa + Sealing Mat Evaluation Kit

Reaction Blocks

RR99611 GreenHouse Plus Reaction Block

Reaction Tubes

RR99612 GreenHouse Plus Reaction Tubes, Pack 100

Spare Parts and Replacement Gaskets

RR99664 Replacement Mk2 Glass Cylinder (96mm tall)
RR99605 Replacement Viton Gaskets, Pack 2
RR99606 Replacement Silicone Gaskets, Pack 2

PTFE Magnetic Stirring bars

RR99613 Pivot Ring Stirring Bar 15mm, Pack 40
RR98094 PTFE Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever 350mm
RR98095 PTFE Magnetic Stir Bar Evaluation Kit, Pack 30
RR98114 Stirring Bar Restrainer

Sealing Mats and Septum

There are three septum mats and one sealing mat available for use with the GreenHouse Plus. All four mats have been manufactured specifically to fit the GreenHouse Plus, and have one pre-punched centre hole allowing for easy insertion of a temperature probe through the mat and into the reaction block.

Silicone Septum Mat

A basic silicone elastomer septum mat. The silicone exhibits excellent resistant to heat and cold as well as offering good resistance to a broad range of solvents and solvent vapours. Can be repeatedly pierced whilst maintaining a gas tight seal.

RR99614 GreenHouse Plus Silicone Septum Mat, Pack 3

PTFE Faced Silicone Septum Mat

Manufactured from chromatographically clean silicone elastomer, with a thin PTFE film on both sides offering excellent chemical resistance.

RR99615 GreenHouse Plus PTFE Faced Silicone Septum Mat, Pack 3

Pre-Slit PTFE Faced Silicone Septum Mat

Manufactured from chromatographically clean silicone elastomer, with a thin PTFE film on both sides and 24 pre-slit positions enabling use of blunt syringe needles.

RR99616 GreenHouse Plus Pre-Slit PTFE Faced Silicone Septum Mat, Pack 3

PTFE Faced Butyl Rubber Sealing Mat

Manufactured from a tough PTFE coated butyl rubber. Designed to use for sealing the GreenHouse Plus when additions/removals are not required. Providing an inert, gas tight environment for samples. The PTFE face is bonded to one side of the durable butyl rubber providing an inert chemically resistant barrier.

RR99617 GreenHouse Plus PTFE Faced Butyl Rubber Sealing Mat, Pack 3

Septa + Sealing Mat Evaluation Kit

An evaluation kit containing one each of the above four septum/sealing mats.

RR99618 GreenHouse Plus Septa + Sealing Mat Evaluation Kit, Pack 4

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Extremely robust, requiring little or no maintenance... the GreenHouse represents a low cost and reliable platform for parallel synthesis.The Dyson Perrins Laboratory, University of Oxford

easy visibility of tube contents

Easy viewing of tube contents

  • The GreenHouse reaction block holds up to 24 x 7 ml glass reaction tubes.
  • The cylindrical glass enclosure provides visibility of all 24 reaction tubes during synthesis and creates a gas tight chamber for inerting.


Powerful, even stirring

  • The GreenHouse is designed to mount on a Carousel Stirring Hotplate (135 mm diameter top plate), utilising the single rotating magnetic field to vigorously stir individual PTFE magnetic stirring bars in each of the 24 glass reaction tubes.
  • Radleys ‘V-Mag’ technology uses a vertically positioned stirring bar to maximise the uniformity of the stirring within each reaction tube.


Rapid, efficient heating

  • Locating onto the Carousel Stirring Hotplate, the GreenHouse Plus will simultaneously heat up to 24 reactions from ambient to 150 ˚C with an accuracy of ±0.5 ˚C.
  • The temperature can be controlled using the stirring hotplate’s integral digital control or for greater accuracy, via an optional Pt1000 temperature sensor. Simply insert the temperature sensor through the port in the lid, through the septa, into the aluminium base.

GreenHouse Inert Head

Efficient refluxing

  • The water-cooled reflux/inerting head has nickel condensing fingers which provide highly effective refluxing within all 24 individual glass reaction tubes; minimising solvent evaporation and loss.
  • Water circulates inside the reflux/inerting head creating a cooling zone within the upper part of each tube, where vapours cool and condense back into the reaction.
  • The solid nickel condensing fingers are effective because they insert directly into each reaction tube, maximising the cooling surface. Nickel also offers excellent resistance to aggressive vapours.
  • Quick-release water couplings with integral shut-off valves aid the connection of the water supply and minimise leaks.

GreenHouse Plus Parallel Synthesiser

Operate under an inert atmosphere

  • A neat inert gas system with one inlet/outlet for vacuum and inert gas, allows reactions to be performed under inert atmosphere. Also because there is no flow of gas through the glass chamber there is minimal evaporation of solvents during synthesis.
  • A nickel plated safety relief valve prevents over-pressure during synthesis.
  • The reflux/inerting head accepts replaceable septum mats which allow the addition of retrieval of reagents from individual reaction tubes whilst under reflux/inert conditions.

GreenHouse Plus Parallel Synthesiser

Lightweight and compact

  • The GreenHouse’s lightweight and compact design may be easily lifted on or off the stirrer, and is easily rotated for all-round visibility and access to all tubes without leaning into your fume cupboard.
  • The GreenHouse’s compact footprint takes up less space in the fume cupboard and is easy to store after use.
  • Its contoured exterior is easy to clean, with an all over nickel plating for superior chemical resistance.
  • The GreenHouse offers virtually maintenance free operation – free of electrical or moving parts, and is easy to operate and set-up.

GreenHouse Head


greenhouse synthesiser

greenhouse synthesiser

greenhouse synthesiser


GreenHouse Work-up

GreenHouse Work-Up Station


GreenHouse Blowdown Evaporator

GreenHouse Blowdown Evaporator


Carousel Stirring Hotplates


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