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Reactor-Ready™ Lab Reactor

Book an online demo

Book an online demo

Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor

Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor – 100 ml to 5 litres – swap reaction vessels in minutes, not hours

Why choose Reactor-Ready?

Reactor-Ready is designed as a universal reactor work station with a range of easily interchangeable vessels from 100 ml to 5 litres which can be configured to suit the chemistry and scale needed for each project. Easy to use, this one unique framework can replace many, saving money and fumehood space.

  • Interchangeable

    Rapid, tool-free vessel exchange with quick-release vessel clamp and hose couplings. Self-aligning stirrer coupling engages without the need for tools.

  • Flexible

    Accepts all leading brands of overhead stirrer and allows easy, tool-free adjustment. Interchangeable vessels available from 100 ml to 5 litres. Temperature range: -70 ºC to +230 ºC.

  • Innovative

    Triple support stand features heavy duty stainless steel support rods for stability. Innovative hose manifolds allow easy thermofluid drain down.

  • Take control

    Optional software allows you to log and control stirrers, circulators, balances, pumps, temperature sensors and other devices.

The first time I changed vessels, it took about 5 minutes but now I can change in less than 2 minutes. I get one stand which fits all sizes up to 5 litres. I get overhead stirring on all scales.Researcher, Process R&D Group, Leading US pharmaceutical company


Reaction Vessel Features

  • Range of single and vacuum jacketed vessels from 100 ml to 5 litres
  • Process vessels to mimic larger scale plant or manufacturing reactors
  • Precision engineered borosilicate glass vessels
  • DN100 5 neck Glass Lid fits all Vessel sizes
  • Vessels feature V4 Zero Dead Space Drain Stopcock which prevents over-tightening which can cause glass breakage
  • Wide range of accessory glassware including condensers, dropping funnels

Unique Vessel Clamp

  • Self-centering
  • Quick-release
  • Change vessels in minutes

Hose Couplings

  • Quick-release
  • Connect in seconds
  • Chemical-resistant PEEK

Individual Manifolds

  • Easy connection
  • Easy drain-down
  • Reduces stress on vessel sidearms

Simple Stirrer Alignment

  • Slide and glide
  • Set and lock

Patented Stirrer Coupling

  • Drop in
  • No tools
  • No fuss

Standard Vessels

  • 100ml to 3 litres
  • Vacuum jacketed option
  • Glass accessories to match

Process Vessels

  • Mimic plant scale geometry
  • 100ml to 5 litres
  • Vacuum jacketed option

Stirrer Paddles

  • A choice of popular stirrer paddles

Vessel Kits

  • Convenient vessel kits make buying vessels and accessories easy and cost effective

Vessel Sizes

  • A range of vessel sizes and styles


Reactor-Ready Base System

RR121000 Reactor-Ready Core

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Reactor-Ready Lab Reactors Leaflet

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Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor Instructions

Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor Instructions

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Reactor-Ready vacuum and pressure testing document

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Reaction Vessels V4 Zero Dead Space Drain Valve Leaflet

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International Product Guide

Radleys International Product Guide

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Case studies

Leading US Pharmaceutical Reacto-Ready

Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor – accelerating process optimisation

Reactor-Ready at TonSan

Reactor-Ready brings reassurance to organic synthesis laboratory

Institute of Chemistry Chinese RR

Reactor-Ready proves “highly efficient and convenient” for Beijing institute

Reactor-Ready at Mylan

Reactor-Ready provides a solution for process development

BioNanoPark Lodz RR

Reactor-Ready provides flexibility required by BioNanoPark contract research group

Dart Neuroscience AVA and Reactor-Ready

Dart Neuroscience switch to Reactor-Ready and Reactor-Ready Pilot systems with AVA Software

Senmin International CS1060 Reactor Ready

Four Reactor-Ready systems simplify workflow at Senmin plant in South Africa

Yuhan Corporation CS1022 Reactor Ready

Improve Productivity by reducing down-time of reactor systems

Korean Chemical Company RR AVA and Huber

Improved control of complex recipes with Reactor-Ready and lab control software

Koehler AVA and Reactor-Ready

Process scale up at Koehler using Reactor-Ready and AVA Software

Reactor-Ready at Du Pont

Reactor-Ready systems with software beats traditional system designs

Yunnan Mettalurgical AVA and Reactor-Ready

Reactor-Ready with Lab Control Software


Reactor-Ready: the perfect solution for Starry

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Reactor-Ready Core and Components

The reactor Ready Core includes all of the following components:

  • Stand with base, drip tray, support rods, bosses and all clamps
  • Glass Reaction Vessel Lid
  • Vessel FEP O-ring seal and PTFE Collar
  • HDPE Drip Tray
  • Vessel to Manifold Insulated Hoses with Quick-Release Connections
  • Lower Inlet Manifold + Drain


  • Upper Outlet Manifold + Vent
  • PTFE Stirrer Guide and Coupling
  • Stainless steel Stirrer Drive Coupling
  • Two stainless steel Vessel Support Collars
  • Locking Rod for Support Rod Bosses

Hoses to connect the Reactor-Ready framework to a thermoregulator are NOT included. You will require hoses with an M24 x 1.5 female connection or appropriate adapters.


DN100 5 neck Glass Lid fits all Vessel sizes

  • Supplied as part of the Reactor-Ready Core
  • DN100 lid with 5 x Rodaviss, grease-free, safety joints.
  • All Rodaviss joints are interchangeable with ordinary A, B and C length conical joints.
  • Rodaviss A length joints available if required


How to order Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor

  1. Select the Reactor-Ready Core.
  2. Choose the Vessel Kit or Kits you require by selecting the vessel volume and style.
  3. Select the overhead stirrer you need.
  4. If you need a thermoregulator, hoses, hose adapters, thermofluid or accessory glassware, then select from the accessory list.
  5. If you need automation add AVA Control Software and Data Hub.

Reactor-Ready vessel clamp

Patented vessel clamp allows rapid vessel exchange without tools

  • Unique clamp design allows vessel to be supported and clamped by a single operator in less than a minute
  • Use the same clamp to hold all vessel sizes; plus the vessels remain supported even when the clamp is unlocked


Vessel Support Collar aids vessel loading

  • Reactor-Ready uses an innovative support collar fitted to the neck of each vessel, which allows the vessels to be swapped in and out of the Reactor-Reactor core like a cartridge
  • The stainless steel collar locks securely into the support plate on the framework and allows the vessel to remain supported, even when not clamped
  • Vessel exchange is tool free and can easily be undertaken by one person

Self aligning Stirrer

Unique Self aligning Stirrer Coupling saves time when changing Vessels

  • Patented drop-in stirrer coupling engages easily without the need for tools
  • Simply lower the stirrer coupling to engage with the stirrer guide below
  • The stainless steel stirrer coupling will fit in any standard stirrer chuck
  • The non-slip design ensures powerful stirring up to 500rpm, or 800rpm for short periods (subject to motor selected)

Reactor Ready PTFE Stirring Shaft

Choice of PTFE stirring shafts

  • Reactor-Ready is offered with a choice of PTFE Stirring Shafts: Anchor, Retreat Curve and Turbine or Propeller styles
  • PTFE Anchor Stirring Shaft is included with all standard reaction vessel kits
  • PTFE Turbine Stirring Shaft is included with all process reaction vessel kits

Reactor-Ready I beam

I-beam Support allows the Stirring Motor to be positioned with ease

  • I-beam allows the stirrer drive to be raised or lowered without needing to remount the stirrer
  • Adjustable safety stop collars located below the I-beam allow the user to lower the stirrer motor to a set position for ease of operation and safety
  • Reactor-Ready accepts all leading brands of motor or air-powered overhead stirrer with support rods up to 16 mm in diameter

Reactor-Ready stirrer

Whip-free stirrer guide

  • The Reactor-Ready’s PTFE stirrer guide screws directly on to the glass lid and features a unique extended support which provides whip-free agitation even at high speeds
  • The stirrer guide is chemically inert, gas tight and suitable for work under vacuum

Reactor-Ready couplings

Quick Release PEEK Hose Couplings

  • Operates over the temperature range -70˚C to +230˚C
  • Quick release, screwthread design allows rapid exchange of vessels without the use of tools
  • Simply tighten by hand for a leak tight seal
  • PEEK with Viton O-rings ensures all wetted parts are chemically resistant
  • Lightweight, metal free design prevents chipping and minimises strain on the glass fitting
  • All hoses have a 12mm ID, maximising thermofluid flow and heating/cooling performance
  • Low thermal conductivity of PEEK reduces frosting when cooling

Reactor-Ready manifolds

Hose Manifolds allow easy Thermofluid drain down

  • The inlet and outlet hoses from the Reactor-Ready vessel connect to manifolds attached to the support rod
  • These manifolds serve two important functions:
    1. Supports the hose running from the vessel, thereby eliminating stress on the glass sidearm.
    2. Allows thermofluid drain down which provides a quick and clean method of removing the thermofluid from the vessel jacket when changing vessels
  • By opening the venting valve on the (upper) outlet manifold, thermofluid drains from the vessel back to the thermoregulator under gravity
  • Opening the drain tap on the (lower) inlet manifold allows drainage to an external reservoir

Explore the range

Reactor-Ready vessels and accessories

Reactor-Ready Reaction Vessels & Accessories


Hei-TORQUE Overhead Stirrers

Hei-TORQUE Overhead Stirrers


Tango and Unistat

Unistat and Tango Thermoregulators


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