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JetMixer™ — Fast Powder Mixing, Complete Protection of Powder Properties

The efficient mixing of media and buffer powders into liquids is a crucial step in profitable pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. For operations where low shear and high product integrity are required, no other technology performs as well as the patented venturi system used by the ILC Dover Jet Solutions JetMixer™.

  • Rapid mixing
  • Virtually no shear forces exerted on the powder and insignificant product heating, so the powder’s properties are preserved
  • Small footprint and mobile design makes it easy to use one system for several processes

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  • Features and Benefits

    The JetMixer™ offers an array of advantages over competitive systems like the Tri-blender. These include:

    • Particle-by-particle introduction of powder via strong vacuum, to keep things moving smoothly
    • Efficient powder delivery at viscosities from 1cP to 20,000cP
    • Complete dissolution of powder, without clumping
    • Very low energy consumption
    • Can be operated at floor level for improved ergonomics and better worker safety
    • Design makes it easy to meet WIP/CIP (wash-in-place)/(clean-in-place) requirements
    • Facile handling of viscous solutions
  • Applications

    Versatile System Design Accommodates a Wide Variety of Applications

    In addition to the standard compact, mobile and fixed, skid-mounted forms, the JetMixer™ can be easily configured to conform to dust-free or highly contained process environments, can be supplied with components fully compatible with nitrogen blanketing and other inert-gas protection protocols, and jacketing suitable for heating or cooling, depending on process requirements

    Mixing Media and Buffer

    On-Demand Film Coating of pills

  • Technical Specifications

    *Patented venturi/nozzle system makes the difference

    The patented Jet Solutions nozzle system creates a flat accelerated jet that draws a surprising amount of powder into the liquid stream, without introducing clumping, shearing or heating. The hopper system and constant level of venturi-generated vacuum assure particle-by-particle induction and mixing, even with high-viscosity fluids. The system works equally well for mixing solid suspensions into liquids or for liquid-liquid mixing. In all cases, the components are uniformly mixed to form a homogeneous fluid.

    Simple system components keep maintenance and operating costs low

    The JetMixer™ consists of a few cleverly designed, elegantly simple components. A lobe-type, positive-displacement pump typically provides the driving force needed for operation. With its one moving part, the pump remains easy to clean, simple to maintain and long-lived. Energy consumption is also low, which helps keep operating costs under control.

    The venturi system and mixing chamber contain no moving parts, while featuring smooth, polished flow channels and a lack of crevices, edges or other impediments to WIP/CIP operations. Its inherently smooth geometry makes the system particularly suited for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processes where CIP is a must and cross-contamination can imperil large amounts of high-value product.

    The ILC Dover Jet Solutions JetMixer™ can handle operating viscosities ranging from 1 cP to 20,000 cP. At the same time, the all-stainless-steel system is robust, capable of operating at very low vacuum and process temperatures to 70°C (158°F).

  • Accessories

    *Auxiliary equipment available for tough applications

    Where powders to be mixed tend to clump or aggregate, ILC Dover offers its Jetbreaker homogenizers that can be used for delumping powders and for continuously agitating the hopper to improve flow rate and normalize injector feeding.

배송/결제/교환/반품 안내

배송 정보

기본 배송비
  • - 3,000원 (배송비 3,000원 + 부가세 300원)
  • - 10만원 이상 구매시 배송비 무료
  • - 도서산간 및 제주를 포함한 일부 지역 추가비용 발생
교환/반품 배송비
  • - 상품 별로 상이
착불 배송비
  • - 착불 적용 상품에 개별 부과 (상품 별로 상이)
  • - 착불 상품의 경우 판매처마다 배송을 할 수 있기 때문에 중복으로 착불비가 발생 가능
  • - 일반 상품과 함께 구매하더라도 해당 판매업체의 구매 금액에 따라 착불 배송비 발생 가능
교환/반품 배송비
  • - 상품 별로 상이

결제 및 환불 안내

결제 방법
  • - 신용카드
  • - 실시간 계좌이체
  • - 취소 접수 후 3 ~ 5일 이내 환불 처리
  • - 반품 접수 후 3 ~ 5일 이내 환불 처리

교환 및 반품 접수

교환 및 반품 접수 기한
  • - 상품 수령일로부터 7일 이내
교환 및 반품 접수가 가능한 경우
  • - 제품의 하자는 없지만, 다른 상품으로 교환하거나 반품 원하는 경우
     (배송비 고객 부담)
  • - 상품자체 불량 및 하자에 의한 경우
  • - 상품 오배송에 의한 경우
교환 및 반품 접수가 불가능한 경우
  • - 상품 수령 후 7일을 초과한 경우
  • - 개별 포장 상품의 포장을 훼손한 경우
  • - 고객의 고의적인 귀책으로 상품가치가 훼손된 경우
  • - 주문제작을 통해서 제품을 생산하는 경우
  • - 주문 당시 재고가 없어서 해외를 통해 제품을 수입해서 구매하는 경우

교환 및 반품 신청

교환 절차
  • - 상품 불량/오배송/상품파손
  • - 전화(02-585-1342) 또는 info@cacheby.com에 상품교환 접수
반품 절차
  • - 반품할 품목을 확인 후 info@cacheby.com로 반품 신청 (수령 후 7일 이내 가능하며 이후 불가)
  • - 전달드린 주문번호와 함께 반품 상품을 포장
     (포장을 꼼꼼하게 해주셔야 반품 상품 손상에 따른 불이익이 없습니다.)
  • - 택배회사 방문 시 반품 상품 전달
     (택배사의 반송장은 상품 교환이 완료될 때까지 보관해주시기 바랍니다.)

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The efficient mixing of media and buffer powders into liquids is a crucial step in profitable pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. For operations where low shear and high product integrity are required, no other technology performs as ...