Bioreactor Sampling Accessories

Sampling Accessories The different bioPROBE versions can be adapted to your specific process or any...

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Qualification & Validation Thumbnail

Qualification & Validation

In order to meet pharmaceutical requirements, a number of tests and inspections need to be carried o...

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External xCUBIO Gas Mix Station Thumbnail

External xCUBIO Gas Mix Station

External xCUBIO Gas Mix Station =============================== Expand your biosystem’s opportuni...

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xCUBIO multi – bioreactor with up to 12 parallel Thumbnail

xCUBIO multi – bioreactor with up to 12 parallel

------------------------------------------------------------- The xCUBIO multi controls up to 12 at...

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xCUBIO twin Thumbnail

xCUBIO twin

xCUBIO twin =========== Bioreactor and Fermentor with two Cultivation Vessels - The xCUBIO twin ...

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Autosampler orbitSAM Thumbnail

Autosampler orbitSAM

Serial Sample Storage on up to 36 Positions - Samplehandling with orbitSAM after automatic sterile ...

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Service Thumbnail


The core issue or our range of services is to upgrade your aged technologies or to repair your defec...

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External xCUBIO Exhaust Analysis Thumbnail

External xCUBIO Exhaust Analysis

Up to four cultivation systems of every type and scale Bioreactor and fermenter exhaust contains c...

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Autosampler coolSAM Thumbnail

Autosampler coolSAM

Autosampler coolSAM =================== Cooled Sample Storage in up to EIGHT Positions Sample H...

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Photobioreactors Thumbnail


Photobioreactors are guiding technology for a sustainable future. bbi has integrated the experience ...

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bioPROBE quad Thumbnail

bioPROBE quad

Automated Sampling from FOUR Bioreactors Fermenters - bioPROBE quad automatic sterile sampling sys...

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Lectures & Training Thumbnail

Lectures & Training

The biotechnology sectors develops fast. Take profit from the longterm experience of our staff and s...

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Bioreactor Sampling Accessories Thumbnail

Bioreactor Sampling Accessories

The different bioPROBE versions can be adapted to your specific process or any other individual moun...

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Autosampler multiSAM Thumbnail

Autosampler multiSAM

Aseptic Sampling and Flexible Sample Handling with bioPROBE and multiSAM multiSAM is as flexible...

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Steam Generators Thumbnail

Steam Generators

The steam generators were developed in cooperation with ARA-Service Detlef Mohnke, who his experienc...

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bioPROBE single Thumbnail

bioPROBE single

bioPROBE single =============== Automatic Sampling from a Single Bioreactor - Automatic Sterile ...

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xCUBIO single Thumbnail

xCUBIO single

Most Compact Bioreactor or Fermentor with Maximal Equipment Opportunities - The xCUBIO single suppl...

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Bioreactor and Fermenter Vessels Thumbnail

Bioreactor and Fermenter Vessels

bbi-biotech supplies different bioreactor vessel types for setting up your biotechnology cultivation...

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xCUBIO in-situ Thumbnail

xCUBIO in-situ

SIP/CIP-Technology for High-end and Scaled Applications - Bioreactors and Fermenters need to be ste...

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xCUBIO retrofit Thumbnail

xCUBIO retrofit

xCUBIO retrofit =============== The Plug-In-Upgrade for your Bioreactor or Fermenter Bioreactor...

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